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OSDT is delighted that you are interested in being a swim official this summer for OSDT. Summer swim league is so much fun, and while the kids are very competitive, the officials try to call the meets fairly leniently but also try to make it so there are no unfair advantages. Official’s also assist the coaches to see potential problems with strokes/techniques that would get called at Tri-County Swim League championships affecting team points. There are three “positions” for swimofficials: (1) stroke and turn, (2) starter (the person who starts each race), and (3) Deck ref (the person blowing the whistles and who technically must approve all DQ’s). All new officials start as stroke and turn. Below are a series of videos to help you understand and visualize was is correct and incorrect while you are officiating. Please reach out to Sandy to help faciliate your training.

NOTE: BCSL does NOT enforce the continuous backstroke turn rule.

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