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2024 Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I join the swim and dive team?

Page 2 of the registration allows you to select the swim team.  Page 4 (Extra Items) enables you to add Diving onto your childs registration.

  • I am registering and already plan to attend the Rolling Hills Invitational. Can I make one payment?

Yes, Page 4 of the registration (Extra Items) allows you to add the $15 fee for Rolling Hills Invitational to your childs registration.

  • I would like to register for the trial period. Can I still register on-line?

Yes, Click the REGISTRATION button on the home page.  First select “” on page 2? and "Swim/Dive Team Trial Fee" on the Extra Items page. The $20 fee will be applied to the team fees if your child joins.
Trial week: May 28 – June 4 (includes Mock Meet)

  • I would like my 4, 5 or 6 younger child to try the team. Are they good enough?

Maybe. Sign them up for the trial week. Your child should already be comfortable putting their face in the water and going under water. Ideally, your child can swim at least a half a lap of the pool. However, OSDT does not have a set standard for joining the team.

We encourage swim lessons as the best way to begin to learn to swim. Both the Oxford Parks and Rec. and Miami Rec. center offer learn to swim programs.
We strongly recommend that you take your child swimming before the first day of practice. Your child may have been swimming great during their swim lessons a few months ago, but believe it or not, they forget. A little extra time in the water and they will be able to show us what great little swimmers they really are.

For the dive team, members need to be 5 years old and be able to pass a safety test before being allowed on the diving boards.

  • I am not comfortable using my credit card on-line. How can I pay?

You can select to pay by Cash or Check on the first day of practice.  OSDT does now accepts credit card payments during registration through a secure provider. There is a 3.4% fee added.

  • My child does not think they want to swim any meets. Can they still join the swim team?

Yes. However, we will continue to encourage your child to consider swimming in a meet. Swim meets are a great way to see how much you are improving. Plus, meets are a lot of fun for the kids. Even if your child does not compete in meets, we still require each family to work the required volunteer jobs.

  • I see that every family is required to work meets. I don’t know how to do any of the jobs, what should I sign up for?

Don’t worry that you don’t have any experience. All jobs are very easy and you will be trained. Setup will allow you to get your work done prior to the start of the meet. Timer/Recorder is another job that is very easy to learn. We need 12 parents each meet to work stop watches and record the swimmers times for each race.

  • Do my kids have to compete in all the swim meets?

No. You are free to choose which meets your family wants to compete.  You can update your childs meet attendance on the website no later than Friday at 10am for a Tuesday swim meet.  Late additions may not be possible to honor if there is not empty space in events. Keep in mind that it is a league policy that a swimmer must compete in two dual meets during the season to compete in Championships at the end of the season. Divers must compete in 1 meet to be eligible for dive champs.

  • Our family is going on vacation during the swim/dive season. Can my child still join the team?

Yes. If your family will be gone for one or two weeks during the season, that is fine.  Unfortuantely, OSDT is not able to prorate fees.

  • We are not able to attend the suit sale.

You can contact SwimVille USA @ 1-800-595-1153. Let them know you are part of Oxford Swimming and Diving Team.  They will help you choose a size. Suits are custom orders and can not be returned.

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